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CHAKRAChampions of Krishna's Army
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This winter, Chakra celebrated a new muse, who very much resembles British actor Audrey Hepburn.
The first chakra is our root, ground, the earth beneath our feet.
Chakra the Invincible revolves around an Indian teenager, Raju Rai, a technology genius living in Mumbai.
This guided body work uses customized botanical serums to help clear chakras and reset intentions using light healing touch to provide deep relaxation while reducing stress and anxiety.
We staunchly believe in the fact that today individuals are awakening to the need of embracing healthy living and an event like 'Masala Bhangra and Chakra yoga' was created to support the same concept in a unique yet effective manner.
Outside of Chakra, the four friends are full-timers from different walks of life as an artist, a digital marketer, a banking professional, and a stay-at-home.
The business house has reportedly used Ashoka Chakra as a trademark in an advertisement.
Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound includes a 60-minute instructional CD and is a pick for any new age library strong in spirituality and personal growth.
The fifth Chakra Fest at Great Brook Farms, 356 Main St.
The Lebanese love fashion, we love going out, we love eating, we love books and cinema," designer Georges Chakra told Reuters before his show.
Their first client, Guerlain, the renown cosmetic company based in Paris, France, created a spa division under its own brand and with the Spa Chakra brand.
Traditional writings describe the chakra structure as a cone-shaped vortex vertically aligned at specific points from the base of the spine to the top of the head.