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CHALChemistry and the Law (American Chemical Society)
CHALChristian Health Association of Liberia
CHALCentre Hospitalier Anna-Laberge (French: Anna-Laberge Hospital Center; Quebec, Canada; est. 2001)
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The most conspicuously situated lady in that massed flower-bed of feminine show and finery inclined her head by way of assent, and then the spokesman of the prisoners delivered himself and his fellows into her hands for free pardon, ransom, captivity, or death, as she in her good pleasure might elect; and this, as he said, he was doing by command of Sir Kay the Senes- chal, whose prisoners they were, he having vanquished them by his single might and prowess in sturdy conflict in the field.
We've learned from the most successful parts of the London and Manchester chal lenges and delivered something speci-cally tailored for our young people in Wales.
His popular albums include Cinderella, Aik Aur Love Story, Chahar Balish, Moody, Chal Rein De, Teri Yd and Goldies Not Oldies.
I'm honored to be an active member of ACS as well as the CHAL Division and look forward to my continued work with ACS.
This more or less defines Mechi Chal as a place to go just for the weekend, unlike the rich variety of ski runs in Bansko or nearby Pamporovo.
Ames enters a brutal three-day chal lenge in order to gain his freedom, competing against vicious criminals like Tyrese Gibson, but trained by Ian McShane to drive a monster Mustang V8 Fastback complete with flame throwers and napalm.
demand have resulted in one of the most chal lenging operating environments we have seen in three decades.
The Showhouse chal lenge is in Kilkenny city at The Weir View.
The club was put up for sale on Friday after the tax man chal lenged Ken Bates's attempt to take Leeds out of administration by paying creditors 8p in the pound.
Topics include the history of domestication, participatory approaches to using camels in desertification, the wild Bactrian camel, environmental education and public awareness, camel-breeding in Kalmykia and Turkmenistan, methods of advising producers, standards for camel milk and new dairy methods, new data on adipocyte size and plasma leptin, human treatment with camel chal, pasturing, and wool and meat production.
If you are curious about what you can learn about leadership and your adaptability in unfamiliar situations, watch for ACPE's next adventure with People to People Ambassador Programs--a trip to Russia with the next ACPE President, Chal Nunn, MD, MMM, CPE, FACPE, as delegation leader next fall.
Self-Made Man, 2001, presents a cross-eyed and maniacally grinning Bergstein, his body plastered with trompe l'oeil photographs of himself and his father and faux postcards of works of art; he wields a thick brush that drips white paint against the scribbled-on chal kboard background.