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CHAMPCoral Health and Monitoring Program (US NOAA)
CHAMPChallenging Mini-Satellite Payload
CHAMPComet Halley Active Monitoring Program
CHAMPCommunity Health Air Monitoring Program
CHAMPCommon Heterogeneous Architecture for Multi-Processing
CHAMPCertified Hardware Asset Management Professional (IAITAM certification)
CHAMPCanine Helpers Allow More Possibilities (St. Louis, MO)
CHAMPChalmers Architecture and Methodology for Flexible Production
CHAMPChemically Hardened Air Management Plant
CHAMPCertified Home-Advanced Marketing Pro (National Association of Independent Real Estate Brokers)
CHAMPChain Management of Polymers (plastics recycling methodology)
CHAMPComprehensive Healthcare Analysis and Management Program
CHAMPChildhood Health Awareness Mentoring Program (Sansum-Santa Barbara Medical Foundation Clinic,childhood obesity)
CHAMPConversation Help Activity Movement Participation (coaching)
CHAMPCommunity Health Access Model Program
CHAMPConsolidated HST (Hubble Space Telescope) Assorted Mission Products
CHAMPConsolidated HST Associated Mission Products
CHAMPCredit Humber Association for Mathematics Promotion
CHAMPCameras, Handlens and Microscope Probe
CHAMPChange Mode Processor
CHAMPComputerized Harvest Bare Asset Management Project
CHAMPCompetitive Health And Medical Plan
CHAMPCommanders Hand-Held Application Mission Planning
ChAMPChemical Assessment and Management Program (US EPA)
CHAMPCounter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (US Air Force)
CHAMPCommunity HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project
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Champ and his handlers, Paul Makin and Steve Adams, were nominated for the Collaboration Award after work to raise awareness of attacks on guide dogs.
And Champ believes in guardian angels because his angel was working overtime the day his previous owners decided to drop him off at an animal shelter, instead of throwing his seemingly lifeless body into a dumpster.
Details of the merger unifying the Champ Car World Series and the Indy Racing League that was announced Friday have not been released, but the Long Beach Grand Prix is believed to be one of a handful of Champ Car races that will be added to the IRL schedule.
But in the days of Brylcreem, VBombers and National Service, the Champ was as good as it got.
It was only natural for us to expand that partnership as a proud sponsor of the Champ Car World Series.
AMERICAN FORESTS now recognizes 870 champs and co-champs representing 826 species and varieties of native and naturalized trees in the continental United States.
On 17 July 1791, a Parisian crowd clashed with the city's National Guard at the Champ de Mars (now the site of the Eiffel Tower).
And with Lunar Lander, Space War, Champ Galaxia and Champ Asterocks, you'll be up to your neck in aliens
Now theorists have pushed a new, "seemingly outrageous" competitor into the fray: charged massive particles, or CHAMPs.
Ben Stahlhood of DS Media Labs, who helped lead the development effort to bring Ramp Champ to the App Store, explained, "We're excited to bring this new fusion of our fondest carnival games to the App Store.
The ChAMP brings the newest and most updated research to the field," stated R.