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CHAMSCounterintelligence/Human Intelligence Automation Management Software (US Army)
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32) Conversely, Katep Kak, nominated as new Oknha Khnour in 1926, was to "administer the Chams belonging to the mosque of Au Russey East and those of the same religion, who are practicing the religious rites of their Cham master San.
For the formation of the community under Ly Man, the tragic history of Khmers Rouges Cambodia appears to have played an important role, as scores of displaced Chams from the region felt drawn to the traditional--now revived--regional Cham center after the Vietnamese invasion in 1979.
Thus, Moura, who had met "Ta-San" on the "hill of Oudong" in 1874 (and noted his continued presence there in 1877), reported that he was "a Malay saint," who had long been living among Chams.
The following article results from research on, and observation of, two Cham rituals performed--mainly, though not solely--by "The Chams of the Iman San group".
Among Chams in Cambodia the Mawlid establishes the distinction between different groups in the form of a categorization between "those doing the Mawlid" and "those not doing the Mawlid".
He has given his name to the biggest Mawlid celebration among Chams after the Prophet's, and also to a (relative) division of communities, opposing the "traditionalist" Chams to the "orthodox"--or, as the common expression would have it, "those of Iman San" versus "those others" (Stock 2012).
They summarise the history of research on Campa (the spelling adopted for the catalogue according to Sanskrit and Old Cham spelling; I follow it here) inscriptions and a history of the Museum of Cham Sculpture in Danang and its epigraphic collection.
The dating of face C which mentions the two early Campa kings Bhadravarman and Rudravarman from the ninth century suggests several centuries of Cham memories in the Thu Bon River Valley.
Ratanakirir Province is an unlikely location for the Cham Muslim minority, who often live on houseboats or in floating villages.
In lower Cambodia seventy percent of Cham make their living as fishermen.
The History of the Chams and Some Contemporary Issues
The Chams are a Malayo-Polynesian ethnic group in Vietnam.