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CHANCECenter for Housing and New Community Economics (University of New Hampshire)
CHANCECollaboration for Health, Activity and Nutrition in Children's Environments (Cornell University)
CHANCECompetence-building and Higher Awareness about Networking and Collaboration for Europe
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Once he got a chance to load a truck for half a day, and again he carried an old woman's valise and was given a quarter.
Sp'iling such a noble chance as this and throwing it away?
Show me an individual Fool, and I will show you an aggregate Society which gives that highly-favored personage nine chances out of ten -- and grudges the tenth to the wisest man in existence.
For I would have thee know, Sancho, that wounds caused by any instruments which happen by chance to be in hand inflict no indignity, and this is laid down in the law of the duel in express words: if, for instance, the cobbler strikes another with the last which he has in his hand, though it be in fact a piece of wood, it cannot be said for that reason that he whom he struck with it has been cudgelled.
No matter," replied Forster; "I think that by putting on the very highest speed we might have a chance of getting over.
A brilliant frigate captain, a man of sound judgment, of dashing bravery and of serene mind, scrupulously concerned for the welfare and honour of the navy, he missed a larger fame only by the chances of the service.
Accordingly, we carefully observed its bearings and locality from the ship, so that when ashore we should run no chance of missing it.
It will take a keen one to hit that bird, I can tell you, my lad, even if I give you a chance, which is what I have no mind to do.
Monsieur, I was ignorant, when I entered the castle, that Mademoiselle de la Valliere was there; it was only on my return, after I had performed my mission, that chance brought us together.
Mrs d'Urberville's son had called on horseback, having been riding by chance in the direction of Marlott.
That our principal movements were known to the First Born I could not have doubted, in view of the attack of the fleet upon us the day before, nor could the stopping of the pumps of Omean at the psychological moment have been due to chance, nor the starting of a chemical combustion within the one corridor through which we were advancing upon the Temple of Issus been due to aught than well-calculated design.
You always stand a better chance if you're engaged by the firm already.