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CHANGECenter for Health and Gender Equity (Takoma Park, MD)
CHANGECommunities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (Winston-Salem, NC)
CHANGECertificate on Humans and the Global Environment (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
CHANGECatholic Home Alliance of North Georgia Educators (Roswell, GA)
CHANGECoordinating Heuristic Action for Nationwide Growth and Education
CHANGECenter for Healing and Global Evolution (San Meteo, CA)
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A corporation that leaves a consolidated group before the end of the short period effecting a change in tax year by the consolidated parent cannot obtain automatic consent to change its tax year using Rev.
The strategy created a context of contemporary change in the classroom by applying a characteristic of complexity theory to the structure of a written assignment.
Is variation in solar insolation responsible for the most recent phase of warming, as it has been responsible for climatic change in the past?
In late November, the Transportation Security Administration announced several changes in policy, including changes that would allow passengers to once again bring previously banned items into the cabin, including scissors that are less than four inches or 10 cm long and small tools that are less than seven inches or 17.
The book provides a richly detailed ethnographic account of a court decision, the backlash against the decision, the legislative response to the issues ordered in the case, the political compromise of civil unions, and how this compromise both addresses and avoids the locus of social change.
GAAP did not change, and there were no unusual developments of significance to CPAs.
In this commentary, we propose an additional explanation: that a significant proportion of the increase in both asthma prevalence and its severity is the result of anthropogenic climate change.
The second phase of the project was to provide in-depth educational materials focused on teaching culture change concepts.
First-born infants of women whose partner did not change had a higher rate of mortality within one year than did second-born infants (8.
2002-38 and 2002-39 provide these procedures for a partnership or S corp to change its year if its current year no longer qualifies as a natural business year (or, for certain S corps, an ownership tax year).
Most people who have been through a failed change initiative agree that leaders often did not spend enough time dealing with the context of change before launching the initiative.
PVCS Change Manager for Oracle lowers the cost of ownership for Oracle environments by allowing development teams to easily identify, track and control modifications to their Oracle Applications, and dramatically simplify the upgrade and rollout of these applications in enterprise environments.