CHAQChildhood Health Assessment Questionnaire
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However, only the following eight generic measures have been validated for certain types of arthritis: Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale, CHAQ, EuroQol, HAQ, BPCQ, PASE, SF-12 and SF-36.
14] Nonstandard abbreviations: IIM, idiopathic inflammatory myopathy; DM, dermatomyositis; IL-1[apha], interleukin-1a; TNF-[alpha], tumor necrosis factor-[alpha]; IFN-[gamma], interferon-[gamma]; QUIN, quinolinic acid; CMAS, Childhood Myositis Assessment Scale; CHAQ, Childhood Health Assessment Questionnaire; CK, creatine kinase; LD, lactate dehydrogenase; AST, aspartate aminotransferase; and SRM, standardized response mean.
The CHAQ functional disability index measures disability in 8 functional areas: dressing and grooming, arising, eating, walking, hygiene, reaching, gripping, and activities.