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Kent then declared that an owner could not be deprived of property except by due process of law, which he described as "an ancient and fundamental maxim of common right to be found in Magna Charta .
Though private ownership was permitted in the Dark Ages, neither Roman Law nor the English common law as it developed after the signing of the Magna Charta would permit it.
Denham refers to Egham Mead, not to Runnymeade, where Magna Charta was accepted and sealed in June of 1215, because he wishes to link Magna Charta to the poem's Stag-Hunt episode and because he wishes to underscore not the settlement achieved but the baronial military force used to extract concessions from King John.
We can see here how a fundamental piece of legislation like Peel's Act, which otherwise could have been a true Magna Charta for monetary and financial stability, has been dwarfed to a disputable experiment because of lack of an adequate concept of monetization of debt, of money and of pure speculations and their effects on the economy.
or Magna Charta, 1215) The " Great Charter " of England.
The 4th Germany Diversity Day, organized by the initiative Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter), takes place on June 7, 2016.
diejenigen des Europarates: die Europaische Menschenrechtskonvention, das Rahmeneinkommen zum Schutz nationaler Minderheiten und die Europaische Charta der Regionalen--und Minderheitensprachen.
Perhaps we can adopt some lessons learned by the process of the Charta Oecumenica, with its significant importance for churches in Germany.
Und selbstverstandlich wird dabei eine individuelle Mitverantwortung und -gestaltung vorausgesetzt, wie sie in der Leipzig Charta zur nachhaltigen europaischen Stadt programmatisch festgehalten wurde.
John Paul calls the latter the "magna charta of Gospel morality" because it "contains the fullest and most complete formulation of the new Law" (VS, 12).
by Michelle Stuart, essay by Lucy Lippard Charta Books, 2010