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CHASComprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy
CHASChild Health and Safety (Royal Children's Hospital; Australia)
CHASContractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (UK)
CHASCenter for Health Administration Studies
CHASDivision of Chemical Health and Safety (American Chemical Society; also seen as DCHAS)
CHASChicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
CHASChemical Hazard Assessment System
CHASCorporate Headquarters Administrative Services (State Farm Insurance)
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It was great to hand the cheque over the CHAS and make a difference.
Please join together with people all over Scotland who are doing their bit for CHAS.
The five participating UBS were chosen because they possessed the largest number of CHAs enrolled in the community service program "Continuing Education for Family Health Teams", offered by Universidade Federal de Ciencias da Saude de Porto Alegre.
Chas and Dave, 72, have been together for 50 years.
Even now, according to Chas, Macca is sent every new Chas & Dave record and always makes a point of writing back to tell them which tracks he likes best.
In 1981, Chas said of his success with the Wolverhampton band: "It feels like an achievement, but you never really get the time to sit down and say to yourself 'great, I've done this'.
With over 500,000 nautical miles under his belt, Chas has some fabulous yarns to tell; encounters with pirates, his numerous Sydney Hobarts, Admiral's and Kenwood Cups and more.
8221; It's a small building on the property where Chas lives & works.
TUNE UP: Chas in "I needed something else to do and I thought being a teacher would be good," he says.
Ysbyty Gwynedd specialist nurse Chas has raised funds for a variety of cancer charities.
Summary: One of the most famous duos in British music, Chas & Dave, are going their separate ways.