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CHASSCollege of Humanities and Social Sciences (North Carolina State University)
CHASSCouncil for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (Australia)
CHASSCommunity Health and Social Services (Center; Detroit, Michigan)
CHASSConference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (Ghana)
CHASSComputing in the Humanities and the Social Sciences
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cried Polly, with an enthusiastic little gesture, as she chass,ed into the corner where he stood.
Murray Chass, "us Says No To Cuba's Bid to Play," New York Times, December 15, 2005, D7.
Chass, a writer on economics and social problems, acknowledged that the teaching profession could not compete with other fields for high quality candidates because of low compensation.
Murray Chass, the veteran New York Times sports columnist who covered the Yankees from 1970 to 1986, also defends the lack of investigation, saying it didn't come up in, or out, of the clubhouse in his day: "I wasn't looking for anyone using steroids.
Alan Heston and Robert Summers, "Penn World Tables at Chass," (Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences) Retrieved May 27, 2003 from, http://datacentre2.
Chass Thuresson, 31, of Junction City, was the other passenger.
Prussien, qui t'aveuglais, Orleans est la ville fiere D'ou Jeanne a chass, les Anglais.
But Murray Chass of the New York Times said "it was the best TV interview I've ever seen.