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CHATACommunity Health and Tuberculosis Australia
CHATACommunity Health and Anti-Tuberculosis Association (Australian Respiratory Council; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
CHATAChildren in Hospital and Animal Therapy Association (UK)
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Joint Sixth: Tesco finest Irish Cream Liqueur (PS12, 70cl) and Rum Chata Cream Liqueur (PS10, Asda, 50cl) Tesco's finest liqueur won a silver in the 2015 International Wine and Spirits Competition and I can see why.
We will never allow the Pakistani soil to be used against the friendly and brotherly country of Iran," Chata told reporters on the sidelines of a ceremony held for signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on border cooperation between Iran and Pakistan in the city of Zahedan, Sistan and Balouchestan.
In the kitchen, I helped ease my mother into a chair and we sat at the kitchen table, Chata at my mother's feet, every now and then unconcernedly glancing at me.
Multiculturalismo y democracia en Oaxaca, Mexico, Publicaciones de la Casa Chata, 2007) est un instrument precieux pour la recherche, autant pour les informations et les analyses qu'il contient que pour les questions theoriques et empiriques qu'il suscite.
27) Hildeberto Martinez, Tepeaca en elsiglo XVI; tenencia de la tierray organizacion de un senorio, Mexico, Ediciones de La Casa Chata, 1984, p.
A TV transmite conhecimento em curto espaco de tempo e prende a atencao das criancas, deixando a escola cada vez mais chata.
Last year, ESSA sought legal action against Consorcio Sierra Chata, a group of Argentine national gas producers that had entered into a natural gas supply agreement (GSA) with ESSA, in an attempt to receive compensation for the higher costs it was incurring by burning diesel.
3]); "tendria hasta veinte y cuatro anos, carirredondo, de nariz chata y de boca grande, senales todas de ser de condicion maliciosa y amigo de donaires y de burlas" (Cervantes, 1978, 2:59).
Ms Bobrzak became involved with the Polska Chata, a Polish language information website for migrants in the North East or those thinking of coming here.
Acuna: orchestral director, bandleader, and songwriter; Fanny Anitua: opera singer and recitalist (contralto); Juan Arvizu: singer (also a classically-trained tenor) and actor; Lorenzo Barcelata: songwriter and film actor; Margarita Cueto: singer (soprano); Carlos Curti: orchestra director (of the first Orquesta Tipica), composer, and xylophone and mandolin soloist; Beatriz Escalona, known as "La Chata Noloesca," a popular singer and comic; Angel Esquivel: opera singer (baritone); Pedro J.
This implication is redoubled by the show's other major component, a sturdy life-size chata, or Polish summerhouse, made of warmscented raw timber, its interior brightened by eleven drawings and collages in battered, scavenged frames painted gold (luxury gotten plaintively cheap), and eleven pieces of floral needlework, resembling table decorations and keying up a broader inference of embroidery.
Weekend Getaways: The Chata, the Tramp and the Politics of Private Life in Post-1968 Czechoslovakia.