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CHAVCouncil Housed and Violent (urban slang; UK)
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What do you call a female chav in a white tracksuit?
CHAV STYLE ICONS Left: Coleen McLoughlin shows off her much-copied Chav style Right: Alex Curran (in the middle) and her friends show they can do Chav style too; We make JadeOs dream of being a Vogue cover girl come true (almost)
The author, who grew up in Manchester, said, 'If you look at the criteria you need to be a chav, I think I was one when I was younger.
uk, which carries individual entries from internet users, says, despite its many plus points, Llangollen is let down by a growing population of chavs.
Celebrity photographer Steven Meisel has turned Chav chic by putting it in Italian VogueLiz Hurley, Zara Phillips, Sophie Anderton, the Ladies Victoria and Isabella Hervey, name-plate necklace wearing Carrie Bradshaw and even Kate Moss (the face of Burberry in the Mario Testino shoots alongwith Stoke's very own Hugh Dancy), are held up as women who have embraced elements of Chav.
I've never really understood the term chav or chava, but the dictionary says it's "a young, working-class person who dresses in casual sports clothes" and believes it may be derived from the Romany chavi for child.
The new edition of the Collins book describes a ned as a Scottish equivalent of the chav - 'a young working-class person who dresses in casual sports clothes (perhaps from Romany chavi - a child)'.
Now stalls all over Wales are groaning with the kinds of nasty designer copies that have collectively come to typify chav fashion: fake Burberry baseball caps, plastic Louis Vuitton handbags and Christian Dior logo'd jewellery.
The word chav may be derived from Cheltenham Average, the phrase rumoured to have been used by pupils of Cheltenham Ladies' College to describe less eligible young men.
Prezza, 70, apologises for his chav gaffe to the girls, Josie Hall, Stevie Eastwood and Ella Naylor who he talked to for his BBC2 show Prescott: The Class System and Me.
Miss Burns, who has been running the bar for ten months, said the door staff could easily recognise a chav from their flashy clothes and jewellery.