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CHAWCapitol Hill Arts Workshop (Washington, DC)
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Singapore is a food-loving nation, and I'm certain that having Krispy Kreme's melt-in-your-mouth hot Original Glazed doughnuts from our new store's Doughnut Theatre will be like nothing Singaporeans have ever experienced," said Andy Chaw, CEO and owner of Star360 Group.
He looked at the tin and thought of all the times he promised himself that this would be his last chaw.
Four years later he walks off the grounds one July morning and in old cracked shoes makes his way back home, over 80 miles in four days, lying down in sheds when he can "with my head towards the north to show myself the steering point in the morning," living on grass, a chaw of tobacco, and a pint of ale when someone tosses him a few pennies.
21 9 43 35 (Mouth/Tooth/Claw) craw paw claw chaw jaw maw gnaw -IV 21 9 43 35 Dim Multiple shiver quiver sliver sieve divot privet rivet -Im 26 11 42 38 2D shim brim rim scrim skim shimmer swim -ayt 38 16 42 39 Light light bright white sight Fight fight smite bite Up height kite -ip 24 10 42 40 Vertical steep teepee leap heap deep Aural bleep cheep peep -[?
The days when Thomas Jefferson referred to bourbon as "ardent spirits" and a visitor to the state of Kentucky defined breakfast as "three cocktails and a chaw of terbacker" have long gone
As the environmental debates rage, it's clear that waste management has come a long way from the Love Canal method of digging a big hole, dumping toxic waste, coveting it with a layer of clay, and hoping it stays in the ground, says Donna Chaw, lead scientist of the Composting Technology Centre at Olds College in Alberta.
No longer are the chaw in the cheek and the circular bulge in the back pocket the accepted badges of the "Pro.
His delivery evoking Sir Thomas Allen, than whom there can be no finer role model, Peter Coleman-Wright was the immensely sympathetic baritone soloist, concluding with triumph in the tongue-twisting Ching-a-ring Chaw.
And yet, as Katz himself exhaustively points out, people did use such terms as "girlboy," "sodomite," "mate," "Ganymede," "chum," "buggery," "crime against nature," "she-male," "chicken," "chickenship," "going chaw for chaw," "nameless crime," "athletic love," "robust love," "manly love," "adhesiveness," "amativeness," "comradeship," "affinity," "Arcadian love," "paiderastia," "anderastes," "Greek love"--all of which alluded in one way or another to what we call "homosexuality.
And when the first chaw tasted no more like a peach than something else you might find in the road, I figured I had to keep on chewing to bring out the flavor.