CHCDCamarillo Health Care District (Camarillo, CA)
CHCDClinical Health Care Disparities
CHCDCounter-Hack Clan Directory (video gaming)
CHCDCommission on Housing and Community Development (various states)
CHCDChapman and Hall Chemical Database
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When the child with CHCD becomes legally responsible for their medical decisions are they ready, are their parents confident that their child can handle this responsibility?
Over the past decade there has been studies published showing people with CHCD have overall poor health compared to individuals without these conditions.
The CHCD Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds on CD-ROM includes chemical, physical, structural, and bibliographic data for over 41,000 inorganic compounds, making it also an up-to-date, readily accessible source of evaluated data on inorganic compounds.
In both the CHCD Dictionary of Organic Compounds on CD-ROM and CHCD Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds on CD-ROM the data for each entry includes, where appropriate, chemical names, synonyms, molecular weight and formula, physical description and properties such as melting point and dissociation constants, hazard and toxicity data, CAS Registry Numbers, structural displays, and labelled references.