CHDCSCambridge and Huntingdon Deaf Childrens Society (UK)
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In addition, four other variables - CHHDI, CHLT5M, CHSW, and CHDCS - were constructed to reflect changes in the relevant variables over a period of time.
The CHHDI, CHLT5M, CHSW, and CHDCS variables were constructed to measure the percentage improvement, if any, in the shortfall.
TABLE 2 Sign of Coefficient of DOI under OLS and 2SLS Variable Sign under OLS Sign under 2SLS HDI negative positive HDIDA negative positive HDI70 negative negative HDI85 negative negative LT5M60 positive positive LT5M89 negative positive SW80 negative positive SW88 negative positive DCS65 negative negative DCS85 positive positive RUDH positive positive RUDW negative positive RUDS positive positive RUDCN negative negative RP90 positive positive PBPLT negative negative PBPLR positive positive CHHDI positive negative CHLT5M positive negative CHSW positive negative CHDCS negative negative