CHDMComprehensive Hospital Drug Monitoring
CHDMCertified Help Desk Manager
CHDMChris Hani District Municipality (Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa)
CHDMConceptual Health Data Model (Canadian Institute for Health Information)
CHDMSwitzerland Death Metal
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She says SK's processes for making CHDM and copolyesters differ from Eastman's and yield subtle property differences.
H]) is 1/3 in all compositions of PBCSs as CHDM is a mixture composed of cis-/transconfiguration in the ratio of 1/3.
CHDM marketing channels are examined as well as industry development proposals and the feasibility of new projects.
g] values of IPA or PETI, and PET containing CHDM (referred to as PETG) are also included in Fig.
Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE:EMN) is in the process of expanding CHDM capacity by 25 percent at its Kingsport, Tenn.
CHDM is a monomer used in the manufacture of Eastman's increasingly popular SPECTAR and EASTAR copolyester plastics as well as some EASTAPAK polymers, and is sold for applications in coating resins.
Eastman commercialized CHDM in 1959 and has aggressively improved its manufacturing process and expanded CHDM applications.
In addition, CHDM contains 31 to 32% of the cis conformation.
Table 2 -- Formulations and Theoretical Molecular Weight of Polyester Resins Polyester NPG DEG TEG CHDM 1,6 HD TMP IPA AA 1 0.
Eastman is evaluating the possibility of building a CHDM (1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol) plant at the San Roque site.
Eastmana Ao CHDM, all grades: Global List and Off-list price increase of 10%.
It does not impact Eastman's previously announced decision to shut down its CHDM manufacturing assets at the site.