CHDMComprehensive Hospital Drug Monitoring
CHDMCertified Help Desk Manager
CHDMChris Hani District Municipality (Queenstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa)
CHDMConceptual Health Data Model (Canadian Institute for Health Information)
CHDMSwitzerland Death Metal
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Chemicals, fibres and plastics company Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE:EMN) said on Friday that it is in the process of expanding its CHDM capacity by 25% at its Kingsport, Tenn.
PCT, a homopolymer of TPA and 100% CHDM diol, offers elevated heat resistance.
This significant increase in CHDM capacity will enable us to address the needs of our customers in copolyesters, including Eastman Tritan[TM] copolyester," said Mark Costa, executive vice president, specialty polymers, coatings and adhesives and chief marketing officer.
H]) is 1/3 in all compositions of PBCSs as CHDM is a mixture composed of cis-/transconfiguration in the ratio of 1/3.
The CHDM capacity expansion, which came on-line earlier this year, doubles the company's CHDM capacity and provides the scale and integrated assets to enhance Eastman's global copolyester manufacturing capabilities.
Crystallinity achieved in PEIT copolymers containing less than 5% Isosorbide by stretching below 120 [degrees]C is higher (20-30%) than that of PET containing IPA and CHDM.
The presence of CHDM in the polymer structure imparts toughness to PCT and raises its melting point to about 554 F.
With a sufficient amount of CHDM (cyclohexane-1,4-dimethanol) added, poly(ethylene glycol-co-cyclohexane-1,4-dimethanol terephthalate) PETG can be obtained.
The asset impairments consisted of approximately $20 million related to the previously reported shutdown of the CHDM manufacturing assets in San Roque, Spain, utilized in the specialty plastics and the performance polymers segments and $22 million primarily related to the shutdown of a research and development pilot plant in the performance polymers segment.
Table 2 -- Formulations and Theoretical Molecular Weight of Polyester Resins Polyester NPG DEG TEG CHDM 1,6 HD TMP IPA AA 1 0.
The copolyesters contained either 31 mol% CHDM (aCOP-31) or 68 mol% CHDM (aCOP-68).
The 1,4-CHDA (99%), 1,3-CHDA (99%), and CHDM (99%) were supplied by Eastman Chemical Co.