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CHELChain Home Extra Low (British radar early warning system; UK)
CHELChinese Hamster Epithelial Liver Cell
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Elena is one of the few remaining survivors of the Chel massacre, and, on March 25, for the first time in her life she came face to face with the man whose decisions and actions marked her destiny.
I don't think anybody in the Los Angeles Basin can honestly plan to evacuate the whole basin,'' Chel said.
Some of the caves contain cenotes, or openings to underground water sources, that the ancient Maya associated with Ix Chel.
But the work at Ix Chel is likely to have an effect reaching far beyond the local populace.
Stationed in the municipality of Chajul, Quiche, this task force was used to attack the following villages: Xix, Tisis, Xolcuay, Batzul, Chichel, Pery, Xemal, Ilom, Chel, Caba, Jua, Xecampanabitz, Sumalito, Juil, Chaxa, Sisiban, and Cajixay.
The clash erupted when Taliban fighters attacked a police checkpoint in Chel Gazi area of the Maqur district, crime branch chief, Lt.
Portland filmmaker and cinematic poet Chel White talks and shows film at 7 p.
Tulio Kevin Kline Miguel Kenneth Branagh Chel Rosie Perez Tzekel-Kan Armand Assante Chief Edward James Olmos Narrator Elton John
One side of the compound is bordered by the steep banks of the winding Macal River and its Chaa Creek tributary, the other by the Ix Chel Farm and Tropical Research Center.
Roger Johnston from Los Alamos National Labs; Chel Stromgren from SAIC, and John McGowan--formerly with U.
Chelsea are set to press But Chel with plans to sign PS50m defender Leonardo Bonucci from Juventus - even though he turned 30 at the start of last month.
Phil, Ian, Will, Helen and Chel would like to offer their sincere thanks to family, friends and neighbours for their kind words of sympathy, Mass cards and charitable donations.