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CHEMICSCombined Handling of Elucidation Methods for Interpretable Chemical Structures
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Several firms give the Chemics just a four-point start, which doesn't look enough against the improving Black and Whites.
Aussie centre Pechey recruited for pounds 15,000 from the Chemics and hooker McCurrie line up against big spenders Richmond who include ex-Wigan forward Scott Quinnell.
I could not believe that a club like the Chemics - who have Super League ambitions - could afford to release class players like the Hulmes.
The Chemics will wonder how different it could have been if a John Devereux try had not been disallowed for a forward pass.
It seems almost another age when the Chemics - the Vikings monicker would have been scoffed out of town back then - were world champions in 1990.
However the Chemics, with a 20 start, look the handicap bet in a division where most teams are capable of beating any other.
Goulding landed two penalties early in the second half but the Chemics bounced back when Devereux smashed through for a 52nd-minute try which Christian Tyrer converted.
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