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CHFCongestive Heart Failure
CHFChronic Heart Failure
CHFSwiss Franc (ISO currency code)
CHFCommunication(s) Handling Facilities
CHFChemical Heritage Foundation (Philadelphia, PA)
CHFCooperative Housing Foundation (est. 1952)
CHFChildren's Hunger Fund
CHFCommon Humanitarian Fund (Sudan)
CHFCritical Heat Flux
CHFCanadian Hunger Foundation
CHFConsumers' Health Forum of Australia
CHFCongenital Hepatic Fibrosis
CHFCooperative Housing Federation
CHFContactorgaan Hypothecair Financiers
CHFCharacteristic Function
CHFChild Health Foundation (Nigeria)
CHFCentre Half Forward (football position)
CHFCoupled Hartree-Fock
CHFCentre d'Études Homéopathiques de France (French: Homeopathic Studies Center of France)
CHFChambres d'Hôtes en France (French: Bed and Breakfast in France)
CHFConfoederatio Helvetia Franc (Swiss national currency)
CHFCenterpartiets Högskoleförbund, (Swedish: Centre Party University Organization)
CHFCumulative Hazard Function
CHFCongregation of the Holy Family
CHFCyclophosphamide, Hexamethylmelamine, 5-Fluorouracil (cancer drug regimen)
CHFChemical Hazard Factor
CHFComputer Hardware Fundamentals (course)
CHFConsolidated History File
CHFContainer Handling Facility
CHFChristian Homeschoolers Fellowship
CHFContract/Contractor History File
CHFChristiaan Huygens Foundation (Delft, The Netherlands)
CHFCold Hard Flash (Adobe Flash software)
CHFCommunity Health Foundation (various locations)
CHFCarolinas HealthCare Foundation (Carolinas HealthCare System)
CHFCarnegie Hero Fund
CHFChina History Forum
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As soon as CHF is diagnosed in a patient, gut microbiota need to be continually investigated, says Dr.
n Sherlock said, "Ireland is a longstanding supporter of the Sudan CHF.
In this section, epidemiology of CHF is reviewed to understand the root of CHF and, potential significance and impact of the disease.
The resulting large-scale inflow of CHF to the financial sector flooded the international banking system with CHF liquidity.
Further, the lack of an association between folate/vitamin B12 and the severity of CHF indicates that homocysteine levels, and not B vitamins, is the pathologically active component.
CHF can best be described as a disease in which the heart is unable to meet the metabolic needs of the body due to its inability to pump adequately (Braunwald, 2005).
They can be used safely in some cardiac patients but, as noted in the article, they should be avoided or used with caution in patients with CHF.
van der Meer and his associates hypothesized that CHF patients may have insufficient sensitivity to erythropoietin, which is produced by the kidneys to stimulate red blood cell production in response to anemia.
The large sample size of the Medicare Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) affords an unprecedented opportunity to look at the prevalence and patterns of coexisting illness among enrollees with IHD and CHF.
The results could explain why blacks have higher rates of CHF morbidity and mortality than whites.
Van Ness joined CHF in 2000 as vice president for program development to guide expansion of CHF programs and facilities.