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CHFCongestive Heart Failure
CHFChronic Heart Failure
CHFSwiss Franc (ISO currency code)
CHFCommunication(s) Handling Facilities
CHFChemical Heritage Foundation (Philadelphia, PA)
CHFCooperative Housing Foundation (est. 1952)
CHFChildren's Hunger Fund
CHFCommon Humanitarian Fund (Sudan)
CHFCritical Heat Flux
CHFCanadian Hunger Foundation
CHFConsumers' Health Forum of Australia
CHFCongenital Hepatic Fibrosis
CHFCooperative Housing Federation
CHFContactorgaan Hypothecair Financiers
CHFCharacteristic Function
CHFChild Health Foundation (Nigeria)
CHFCentre Half Forward (football position)
CHFCoupled Hartree-Fock
CHFCentre d'Études Homéopathiques de France (French: Homeopathic Studies Center of France)
CHFChambres d'Hôtes en France (French: Bed and Breakfast in France)
CHFConfoederatio Helvetia Franc (Swiss national currency)
CHFCenterpartiets Högskoleförbund, (Swedish: Centre Party University Organization)
CHFCumulative Hazard Function
CHFCongregation of the Holy Family
CHFCyclophosphamide, Hexamethylmelamine, 5-Fluorouracil (cancer drug regimen)
CHFChemical Hazard Factor
CHFComputer Hardware Fundamentals (course)
CHFConsolidated History File
CHFContainer Handling Facility
CHFChristian Homeschoolers Fellowship
CHFContract/Contractor History File
CHFChristiaan Huygens Foundation (Delft, The Netherlands)
CHFCold Hard Flash (Adobe Flash software)
CHFCommunity Health Foundation (various locations)
CHFCarolinas HealthCare Foundation (Carolinas HealthCare System)
CHFCarnegie Hero Fund
CHFChina History Forum
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Figure 6 Differences in the Percent of Elderly Medicare+Choice (M+C) Enrollees with IHD and CHF Reporting Urinary Incontinence Compared to AII M+C Enrollees: 1998 All Male Female AII 25 22 28 IHD 32 27 38 CHF 37 32 41 NOTE: IHD is ischemic heart disease; CHF is congestive heart failure.
co-authored by Demetrios Georgiou, assistant attending physician of the Department of Medicine at the Columbia Presbyterian Center of New York Presbyterian Hospital and assistant clinical professor of medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, found that patients with CHF who were enrolled in a 14-month exercise program not only lived longer and had a lower cardiac mortality rate, but had fewer hospital readmissions than the control group after 40 months of follow-up.
The size of the exposure has raised many concerns about the financial stability of the banking sector, given the possibility of continued CHF strength or even appreciation.
Further, the lack of an association between folate/vitamin B12 and the severity of CHF indicates that homocysteine levels, and not B vitamins, is the pathologically active component.
A joint venture by CHF International and the Middle East Investment Initiative (MEII) will serve as the U.
It is a pleasure to welcome Governor Celeste and Ambassador Huddleston to CHF International and I am looking forward to working with them closely as our trustees," says CHF President and CEO David A.
We were also able to quickly structure a transaction that was fiscally prudent for both CHF and the building's ownership SL Green Realty Corp.
A good marriage may exert this beneficial effect in part by facilitating adherence to the complex and stringent dietary, exercise, and medication regimens that CHF patients must follow, the researchers said (Am.
Understanding the market and recognizing that, if given a choice, families would rather have their loved ones closer to home, Andrew Tarutis, director of development at CHF during the project's design, expressed the following goals: a facility that was upscale, elegant and, above-all residential in feeling.
CHF International programs are community-led initiatives designed to build a better world.
The potential market for ABMI's products over the next 10 years is worth 300-500 million CHF.