CHFFACalifornia Health Facilities Financing Authority
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The CHFFA Act (California Government Code Section 15438.
As a physician who has seen firsthand the impact of Sutter's high prices on my patients, I am thrilled by the action CHFFA has taken to hold hospital corporations like Sutter accountable to patients, consumers and taxpayers.
This vote by the CHFFA board is an important step in holding Sutter Health and other nonprofit hospitals accountable in their obligations to their patients and their communities," said Sal Rosselli, president of the California State Council, SEIU, representing thousands of Californians who are affected by the runaway costs of health care to which Sutter is a major contributor.
Sutter is the second largest holder of CHFFA bond debt.
The total debt being issued through the CSCDA and CHFFA will be $1.
The series 2006C CHFFA bonds are unenhanced variable rate demand obligations.
The outstanding single-'A'-plus rating on debt issued by CHFFA and by California Statewide Community Development Authority for the obligated group has been affirmed.