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CHICChicoutimi (Quebec, Canada)
CHICChickasaw National Recreation Area (US National Park Service)
CHICCanine Health Information Center
CHICCooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
CHICCaribbean Hotel Industry Conference
CHICCentre Hospitalier Intercommunal Créteil (French: Créteil Intercommunal Hospital Center; Créteil, France)
CHICCollaborative Health Informatics Centre
CHICCovenant High In Christ (religious gathering)
CHICCourseware for History Implementation Consortium
CHICCelsius Heavy Ion Collaboration
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SCOTTISH theatre legend Maidie Dickson, former wife of funnyman Chic Murray, has died after a long battle with cancer, aged 88.
By day Chic, 43, runs his new pub, The Thistle Bar, in Glasgow's West End.
Lovely luxury boutiques, gorgeous accessories shops, fabulous home furnishings and chic cosmetics stores: I say, "Spring it on
Besides a wide selection of dresses, trouser suits and ladies shirts blouses Le Chic is known for its fashion accessories and gifts from umbrellas decorated with impressionist paintings to luxurious Italian scarves and costume jewellery.
And even after Chic stopped recording, their music was passed on to a new generation when they were extensively sampled and effectively gave birth to what we now know as hip hop.
Chic was partnered by Sally Eddery in her early-morning spin and looked in great form as she quickened ahead of her companion Fremen.
Thrift-store chic meets the global village and the combinations are stunning and provide a uniquely urban flair.
While Clinton rails against the ugliness of "heroin chic," and critics rant on about the fashion world's refusal to accept responsibility for either drug abuse among its own or for those it influences, the truth underlying such images is more profound.
The '60s and '70s were often invoked, but, with the exception of Anna Sui's missionary Woodstockdom, they were seldom the real source of the simple chic that redounded in, for example, the elegant sheath dresses produced by Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Saint Laurent.
The whole drama is a sales gimmick, a means of attracting attention: a chic up-to-the-moment place for buying chic up-to-the-moment cars.
com Features Chic Decor at Affordable Prices; Free Shipping in the Continental U.