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CHICKSCountry Holidays for Inner City Kids (UK charity)
CHICKSFriendly Fighter Aircraft
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It was better to eat small live things like ptarmigan chicks, and to let alone large live things like ptarmigan hens.
but they come to our lure like chicks to the fowler.
There were four newly hatched chicks, a day old - little specks of pulsating life no more than a mouthful; and he ate them ravenously, thrusting them alive into his mouth and crunching them like egg- shells between his teeth.
Chicks follow their mother by instinct, but when they are quite young they will follow with equal readiness any moving object remotely resembling their mother, or even a human being (James, "Psychology," ii, 396).
Imagine a truly respectable and amiable hen, by some portentous anomaly, taking to reflection and inventing combinations by which she might prevail on Hodge not to wring her neck, or send her and her chicks to market; the result could hardly be other than much cackling and fluttering.
whispered Stubb; the chick that's in him pecks the shell.
The wrath and curse of God fall upon you, woman without pity, who have slain mine innocent grandchild and made desolate this old heart that had nor chick, nor friend nor stay nor comfort in all this world but him
Weston, though I don't suppose he ever thinks it worth his while to remember such a chick as me.
I expressed to him my surprise that he should fuss about me like an old hen over a chick.
You worry yourself a good deal too much about that solitary chick, and you worry everybody else too.
Whether Young Smallweed (metaphorically called Small and eke Chick Weed, as it were jocularly to express a fledgling) was ever a boy is much doubted in Lincoln's Inn.
Will saw clearly enough the pitiable instances of long incubation producing no chick, and but for gratitude would have laughed at Casaubon, whose plodding application, rows of note-books, and small taper of learned theory exploring the tossed ruins of the world, seemed to enforce a moral entirely encouraging to Will's generous reliance on the intentions of the universe with regard to himself.