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CHIDCombined Health Information Database (NIH)
CHIDComparative History of Ideas (University of Washington degree program)
CHIDChina Digital Communication Group (stock symbol)
CHIDCentre for Healthcare Innovation and Development
CHIDChemicals and Hazardous Installations Division (United Kingdom)
CHIDComputer Hope Identification
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In the 1920s, the role models offered to us laid great stress on chastity, abstinence, thrift, Sunday observance, and respect for your elders, as summed up in the verse: "Speak when you're spoken to, Do as you're bid, Shut the door after you, Never be chid.
However, as time wears on, the mother realises she barely knew her chid at all.
If you think your chid may have this problem then speak to your GP who can make a referral to a paediatrician who can give a diagnosis.
CHID is a database produced by health-related agencies of the Federal Government.
CHID lists a wealth of health promotion and education materials, many of which are not indexed elsewhere.
The CHID database, produced by health-related agencies of the federal government, lists health promotion and education materials available from these agencies.
Secondly and more simply, he expands our understanding of the meaning of specific religious images, as he identifies the textual sources and references of numerous images including versions of the Virgin and Chid, the Lamentation, the Presentation in the Temple, and the Forty Martyrs.