CHIFConnecticut Housing Investment Fund
CHIFCongenital Heart Institute of Florida
CHIFCorticosteroid Hormone-Induced Factor
CHIFColorado Head Injury Foundation (est. 1980; Denver, CO; now Brain Injury Association of Colorado)
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For further information on CHIF contact investor relations, Toll-Free at 1 (877) 667-9377 or ir@conquestfinancial.
CONTACT: Investor Relations for CHIF, +1-877-667-9377, ir@conquestfinancial.
In related news, the company announced that Asian Investors from Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong will be meeting with CHIF executives later this month to finalize a deal to open a chain of retail coffee shops throughout Asia in partnership with Gourmet's Choice Coffee Co.
The strategic alliance with CHIF will provide a reliable and inexpensive mean for GMCH to introduce over 20 blends of gourmet coffee from around the world and provide profit margins exceeding 30%.
CHIF is a Nasdaq qualified company which reported revenues of $15.
Investors from Hong Kong and Seoul will meet with CHIF executives in June to finalize the expansion plan, which will potentially be financed by an equity stock offering of up to $15 million.
James Tilton, president of CHIF stated, "We are extremely pleased at the opportunity to distribute our beverage products over the Internet.
James Tilton of CHIF stated, "If we accept this offer, it would give us the funds to complete some acquisitions we have been contemplating that would greatly increase the book value of our company and qualify us for the Nasdaq SmallCap.
James Tilton, president of CHIF stated, "This move was long overdue and will help accelerate our company's growth and has the potential to increase our revenues.
James Tilton, president of CHIF stated, "If we follow through on this acquisition it would give the company major nation-wide exposure and provide the potential to substantially multiply our revenues in very short order.