CHIIChi Hemp Industries Incorporated (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
CHIICenter for Human Information Interaction (University of Washington)
CHIICentre for Healthcare Innovation and Improvement (Canada)
CHIIConsolidated Health Informatics Initiative
CHIIChecklist of Health Issues and Illness
CHIIContinuous High Intensity Illumination (retinal damage)
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5 percent as the additional shares bought from CHII more than made up for the dilution from the sale of shares to SSS.
On top of the Megawide shares under his personal holding firm, Saavedra and Cosiquien still each owned 17 percent of the company through CHII.
Transaction, transition and integration expenses include, but are not limited to, charges related to the acquisition of CHII, primarily comprised of transaction closing costs, professional fees (banking, legal and accounting), transition services, integration, retention payments, severance and other acquisition-related expenses or post-closing expenses.
This adjustment represents the expected per share effect of CHII and all other prior acquisition related intangible amortization.
Saavedra's partner and Megawide chair, Michael Cosiquien, still has his over 25-percent stake in Megawide consolidated through CHII.
Saavedra's partner, Michael Cosiquien who is Megawide chair, holds his stake in Megawide through CHII.
A esto se le conocio como la <<politica de la polarizacion>>: ataques a chiis para provocar la revancha contra los sunitas; de esta forma AQI apareceria como su protector (Kavalek, 2015).
3) En agosto de 2003, JTJ estallaron coche bombas en la mezquita chiita de Najaf, en respuesta los chiis incendiaron 90 mezquitas sunitas y asesinaron 10 imanes (Saima, Qaiser y Shoaib, 2015).
From Burushaski: chiis 'mountain', pfuu 'fire', burus 'curds', jakun 'ass', jarootu 'apricot', cheris 'root', tom 'tree', basko 'all', sak 'full', tisaar 'many'
145) Falk (Making 12) reports that, "in contrast to monks, the mae chiis keep their lay names after ordination, which is a sign of the Thai mae chiis' ambiguous standing.