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Se considero como caso descartado de CHIK a todo caso en el que no se demuestre evidencia de la presencia de algun marcador serologico o virologico para CHIKV por tecnicas de laboratorio reconocidas por el InDRE (6).
Los casos autoctonos confirmados de CHIK en Mexico para la semana epidemiologica 40 presentaron los siguientes sintomas: fiebre en 98% de los casos (8 564), seguido por cefalea con 91,6% (7 941), mialgias 89,9% (7 792), artralgias leves 73,5% (6 367), poliartralgias graves 72,6% (6 295), exantema 58% (5 032), escalofrios 56,2% (4 876), dolor retroocular 56% (4 832) y dolor de espalda 50% (4 317).
The individuals with symptoms of suspected CHIK virus infection were enlisted and examined.
Entomological investigation: Entomological survey was conducted in the villages by household visit for presence of vector mosquitoes Aedes species known to cause CHIK virus transmission for both adult and larvae.
Editorial Note: The 37 imported cases of CHIK fever in 2006 were unprecedented in the United States; during the preceding 15-year period, 1991-2005, only seven patients had both IgM and PRNT antibody to CHIKV detected by tests at CDC, and only three of these were known to be returning U.
Travelers to tropical areas of Asia and Africa should educate themselves regarding CHIK fever and follow CDC recommendations to prevent mosquito bites.
Due to paucity of literature about detailed clinical profile and atypical manifestations of the CHIK fever, we carried out a study on diagnosing and analyzing various manifestations of chikungunya cases in a tertiary care hospital in Maharashtra State in 2006.
For detection of CHIK virus IgM antibodies by ELISA serum samples were sent to National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune.
Although CHIK fever typically lasts 3-7 days and full recovery is the usual outcome, certain patients experience persistent joint symptoms for weeks or months and occasionally years after illness onset (1).
The outbreak of CHIK fever in 2005 in the Comoros islands led to the first documented CHIK virus infections imported into France by travelers who had visited the islands (4-6).
Fifteen of the 100 asymptomatic persons had detectable IgM antibodies against CHIK virus.
Since, genetic conservation of CHIK V is being maintained only between human and peridomestic mosquitoes, a high degree of sequence conservation is observed within several other group of alphaviruses, e.