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With no previous record of CHIK infection from Orissa (India), sudden onset of cases with fever and joint pain appeared in large numbers in different parts of the State in 2006-2007.
This investigation was undertaken in different episodes as per the report of CHIK suspected cases detected during the period from February 2006 to November 2007.
The individuals with symptoms of suspected CHIK virus infection were enlisted and examined.
Due to paucity of literature about detailed clinical profile and atypical manifestations of the CHIK fever, we carried out a study on diagnosing and analyzing various manifestations of chikungunya cases in a tertiary care hospital in Maharashtra State in 2006.
For detection of CHIK virus IgM antibodies by ELISA serum samples were sent to National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune.
The outbreak of CHIK fever in 2005 in the Comoros islands led to the first documented CHIK virus infections imported into France by travelers who had visited the islands (4-6).
aegypti has been incriminated as the principal vector of CHIK virus, however, in the Lakshadweep islands, entomological survey clearly revealed that Ae.
Fifteen of the 100 asymptomatic persons had detectable IgM antibodies against CHIK virus.
The outbreak occurred nearly 32 years after the last reported outbreak of CHIK in 1973 and was characterized by a prolonged duration.
Since, genetic conservation of CHIK V is being maintained only between human and peridomestic mosquitoes, a high degree of sequence conservation is observed within several other group of alphaviruses, e.
Certain studies (20) on CHIK V isolates during the beginning of outbreak was very much related to East-African strain which subsequently developed into distinct variants nucleotide sequence of all Indian Ocean Island viruses share certain areas where they are different from the previously determined sequences of virus protein.
The relatedness of the Indian isolates (IND-06) with Reunion Island isolates (RU) was examined with the full-genome sequences of five CHIK virus isolates drawn from different States in India.