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CHILDESChild Language Data Exchange System
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Como conclusion, se dio por hecho la capacidad de los bebes de 18 meses para comprender el uso anaforico de uno, lo cual, sumado al empobrecido input que arrojo el examen del CHILDES, se tomo como indice del estatus innato de dicha capacidad.
Los siguientes ejemplos ilustran el procedimiento de transcripcion y codificacion de acuerdo con el formato minCHAT del Proyecto CHILDES (Diez-Itza, MacWhin ney y Snow, 1999):
Evidence of this is provided in the CHILDES database (MacWhinney 2000), where I searched for the use of imperfective and perfective participles in 20 of Adam's files.
The informants were audio-recorded while retelling the story and their responses transcribed and analysed using the CHILDES format (MacWhinney 1998).
This paper describes several methodological decisions made during a study of linguistic development of French in British classroom learners, highlighting the significance of choosing suitable tools for collecting, transcribing, and analyzing oral interlanguage data and noting the usefulness for interlanguage research of the CHILDES (Child Language Data Exchange System) procedures, which consists of three integrated components: the Talkbank database, CHAT (Codes for Human Analysis of Transcripts), and CLAN (Computerized Language Analysis).
In particular, Chau observes how, for instance, such recent and sophisticated corpora as CHILDES, CQPweb, GOLD and the Sketch Engine have been helping researchers to develop an SLA model, which has unveiled some key processes underlying L2 development.
Moreover, data from CHILDES corpora provide extra evidence of the problems that children have with alternating "se", as can be seen with non-anticausative intransitive verbs in (7), where the clitic is wrongly omitted.
Las transcripciones se realizaron a partir de las normas de codificacion propuestas por el CHAT (Codesforthe Human Analysis of Transcripts), disenado en el marco del programa CHILDES (ChildLanguage Data Exchange System) por MacWhinney (2011).