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Nonetheless, recent work in Chile has demonstrated the presence of Diphyllobothrium plerocercoids in rainbow trout raised in aquaculture, which suggests that aquacultured fish can become infected with these parasites (18).
If you have done a good job in your vineyard, tourists Hill go back to their countries and ask for your product in the supermarket," says Anibal Ariztia, president of Vinas de Chile.
As the narrator experiences a sort of epiphany about Chile's tragic history, Bolano displays his gift for darkly revealing and incisive humor (a trait typically absent from fictional accounts of Latin American reality): "So Lorenzo grew up in Chile without arms, an unfortunate situation for any child, but he also grew up in Pinochet's Chile, which turned unfortunate situations into desperate ones, on top of which he soon discovered that he was homosexual, which made his already desperate situation inconceivable and indescribable.
based public interest organization Public Citizen, assesses Chilean environmental laws as not strong to begin with, and agrees with Waskow that there are no assurances that Chile won't weaken its own laws.
During the seminar, he indicated that Chile is the world's largest producer of copper and that the country exports more copper than any other country in the world.
ANCHO CHILE PEPPER: A dried poblano chile pepper (the most commonly used dried chile in Mexico), this is one of the larger chiles grown in the central region of Mexico and is mildly hot in flavor.
I worked with him back then at IPS as he tried to shake off the experiences of being tortured and imprisoned and as he dedicated himself to the task of restoring democracy in Chile.
Their explorations in southern Chile took them to the Palena province, where the vast wilderness geography of dense rain-forests, mountains with towering granite walls, clear blue-green lakes and lagoons and fjordal coastline was an easy sell.
That is why it is no surprise that Chile and Uruguay have shown a much greater capacity to recognize the wrong of ruling by murder than most of the other Latin American states Rosenberg considers.
Human contact with Oligoryzomys longicaudatus (rice rat or colilargo), the reservoir of Andes virus, occurs in rural areas in central and southern Chile (from 28[degrees]S to 51[degrees]S).
In the past, Chile reported economic growth largely due to external demand for its copper and other commodities.