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CHILICareers in Health Information, Librarianship, and Informatics (internship program)
CHILICalifornia Health Information Law Identification (search tool)
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Mapuhi might well have sold it for fourteen hundred Chili, but that Levy, who knew pearls, should have paid twenty-five thousand francs was too wide a stretch.
that if you had not sold the pearl, he would give you five thousand French dollars, which is ten thousand Chili.
Also will he give one thousand French in credit, which is two thousand Chili.
Categories this year are "Best Homestyle Chili," "Best Non-Traditional Chili," "Best Wildlife Chili" and "Best Cornbread.
Because many Filipinos are fond of eating hot chili,' said Philippine Chili Federation president Ponchit Ponce Enrile.
But how does store-bought chili stack up nutritionally?
Chili pepper is one of the vegetables in the nightshade (Solanaceae) family, which also includes eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers and white potatoes.
This year the promoters of the yearly chili cookoff included a category for charities.
The best chili con carne is made with a lot of well flavored mild or medium hot chillies not one searingly hot one.
ConAgra says Wolf's expansion was driven by consumer research that showed even though the Midwest has the highest index of chili consumption in the nation, the region reports only moderate conned chili sales.
And, now, the 35-year-old Fitchburg native is taking the food competition to his home state with the Boston Chili Takedown.
Gondal, the biggest market of chilies in the state, is witnessing low arrivals as compared to last year as bad weather conditions and crop diseases have led to reduction in the chili production this year.