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CHILICareers in Health Information, Librarianship, and Informatics (internship program)
CHILICalifornia Health Information Law Identification (search tool)
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Mapuhi might well have sold it for fourteen hundred Chili, but that Levy, who knew pearls, should have paid twenty-five thousand francs was too wide a stretch.
that if you had not sold the pearl, he would give you five thousand French dollars, which is ten thousand Chili.
Also will he give one thousand French in credit, which is two thousand Chili.
The contestants were able to present their chili to the judges "Iron Chef"-style.
Under the International Chili Society guidelines, none of the chilies could include beans, which didn't bother Fred Summers, 63, of Marino Valley, despite his sign: ``Fearless Fred's Flatulent Chili.
HOUSTON -- Whitey's[TM], the chili division of Windsor Foods, Inc.
But that didn't keep him from beating 131 other chili chefs in the International Chili Society's World Championship in Reno, with a recipe called ``Warning Shot Chili Runs for Your Life.
Woodbridge Winery announced that they will host the California State Championship Chili Cook-Off.
Reporters from throughout the world are encouraged to enter their favorite chili recipes with an eye toward the kind of bragging rights that can only come from being named one of the top chili cooks at the 41st annual original Texas-style chili cook-off.
Today, the original Original Tommy's ladles between 200 and 400 gallons of chili per day.