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CHIMPChanges in Mandatory Programs
CHIMPChimpanzee Health Improvement, Maintenance, and Protection Act of 2000
CHIMPCHIMP Hierarchical Modeling Program
CHIMPCenter for Human Intelligence and Moral Purpose (Seattle, WA)
CHIMPCreation of Holidays for the International Monkey Population (humor)
CHIMPCorrective Measure Implementation Plan (quality control)
CHIMPConceptual and Historical Issues in Modern Physics (Australia)
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Chimps carry a small percentage of bonobo DNA, researchers report in the Oct.
Abee praised Chimp Haven's facilities, but he said the stress of moving can take a fatal toll on older, more frail chimpanzees.
We modeled each chimp as a particle that feels attraction or repulsion to other objects in the vicinity.
When she stopped her chimps from being used in the adverts filmmakers looked to chimp owners in Spain.
They say that the chimp " sign language is the only form of intentional communication recorded in the animal kingdom.
The College Bound program is just one more way Fat Chimp Studios reaches out to the St.
Eugene McCarthy of the University of Georgia argued that while humans share many features with chimps we also have a large number of characteristics not found in primates and these conflicting features are most likely the result of a hybrid mating at some point in human evolution, the Daily Star reported.
The banding patterns of human and chimp chromosomes highlight their chromosomal similarities and differences.
It consists of a 510-square-metre chimp house and a 9,300-square-metre outdoor recreational area that includes three islands, a tower and a few trees.
Chimps at a wildlife park in Scotland have been filmed grooming and comforting a dying female member of their group in her final hours.
Chimps at a wildlife park have been filmed grooming and comforting a dying female group member in her final hours.