CHIPAChildren's Internet Protection Act
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18: 6-4 Ardbeg Mentor, 10-3 Jimmy Lollie, 7-2 Raithby Toure, 9-2 Ballymac Pines, 6 Critical Time, 16 Hedsor Chipa.
La encuesta sobre habitos alimentarios, confeccionada por nutricionistas, exploro el numero de comidas que realizaba diariamente, si anadia sal a la comida y si consumia alimentos en la escuela; la frecuencia (dias a la semana) con que consumia diferentes alimentos y preparaciones (como gaseosas, productos lacteos enteros y descremados, ensaladas crudas, verduras cocidas, frutas); los tipos de coccion que empleaba (fritos u otros); y la frecuencia de consumo de alimentos de alta densidad energetica y pobres en micronutrientes, denominados obesogenicos, (como galletitas saladas, jamon cocido, hamburguesas y chipa (2)) (26).
En 1563 le fue otorgada a Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, para la epoca comprendia los cacicazgos de Chita, El Pueblo de la Sal, Sacama, Chiscas, Tamara, Tingamocha, Pisba, Tipa, Chipa y los indios delante de Chita (37).
Caipirinha & Chipa (contemporary dance), Customs House, South Shields, (0191) 454-1234;
Chipa is concocted with homemade manioc starch to which oil, milk, egg, salt and cheese are added and then baked in a primitive oven.
CHIPA (certified healthcare protection administrator), is director of protective services at Children's Hospital Medical Center.
42), Nirala seems to make an antiriot statement: kamgalo ka katl aho is rakhi ke ramg me chipa "in the color of this rakhi is hidden the blood of the poor" (Naval, Nirala Racanavali, 1: 54-55).
Supporters of CHIPA sometimes argue that the use of censorware represents an ordinary exercise of discretion by librarians and school administrators, who regularly edit material available to kids (devising a curriculum is partly a process of elimination).
On April 20, CHIPA is to be implemented by the FCC, and there have been several recent lawsuits filed in Federal Court challenging the constitutionality of the law, and seeking to block its implementation as it pertains to public libraries.
Besides concerned Branches of CAA and PIA, Edhi and Chipa Ambulances have also actively participated in the Exercise.
Two of them were killed, while one sustained injuries when unknown assailants opened fire in the Gaddafi Chowk area of Orangi Town, Chipa Welfare sources said.