CHIPPSCommunity and Home Injury Prevention Program for Seniors (San Francisco, CA)
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Forty-three percent of children who received rectal acetaminophen reported no pain immediately postoperatively as compared to 10% of patients in the IV acetaminophen group as documented by the CHIPPS scoring criteria.
Physiologic parameters, urine, and serum cortisol levels were compared using four separate pain measurement scales (Premature Infant Pain Profile [PIPP], COMFORT Scale, CHIPPS, and CRIES [Crying; Requires increased oxygen administration; Increased vital signs; Expression; Sleeplessness]).
Buttner and Finke (2000) compared and summarized seven studies of behavioral observational tools and demonstrated the validity of several observational methods of pain assessment in detecting postoperative analgesic demand in infants and young children, but described the CHIPPS scale as being the easiest to use, learn, and implement.