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CHIPRAChildren's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009
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CHIPRA set two types of performance goals that states must meet to qualify for a bonus.
41) President Obama called CHIPRA a "down payment on [the] commitment to cover every single American.
Although he differs with the drafters of the CHIPRA proposal on several points, Anchorage insurance broker Bruce Moore applauds their efforts.
Organizations across the country are using the CHIPRA and Text4Baby anniversaries to highlight how access to both health coverage and health information is critical for families.
While Section 203 of CHIPRA authorized ELE and permitted states to rely on findings from an Express Lane agency to conduct simplified eligibility determinations, some ELE-like efforts started prior this legislation.
The CHIPRA grants are designed to support these efforts that will have lasting effects.
Maine, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois's successful enrollment policies may also interest states looking to increase their CHIPRA bonus payments.
As we mark the second anniversary of one of President Obama's first actions as President, we can be confident that CHIPRA has proven to be a tremendous success," said Sebelius.
HHS is also helping expand health insurance coverage for children through the Secretary's Challenge program to enroll eligible children in to CHIPRA and Medicaid programs in their states.
CHIPRA and expanded Medicaid coverage of parents under the ACA may lead to many previously uninsured children in the United States becoming insured (Kaiser Family Foundation 2010; Sebelius 2010).
The CHIPRA established two sets of performance goals that states must meet to qualify for a bonus - taking specific steps to streamline their enrollment and renewal processes to make it easier for families with eligible children to gain coverage and documenting a significant increase in the number of children enrolled in Medicaid.
One of this Administration's key goals is to fulfill the CHIPRA legislation - which the President signed as one of his first acts in office - to ensure that all children who are eligible for Medicaid and CHIP are enrolled in coverage and stay enrolled for as long as they are eligible.