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CHIPSCalifornia Highway Patrol
CHIPSClearing House Interbank Payments System
CHIPSCosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer (NASA)
CHIPSChronic Illness Peer Support
CHIPSCanadian Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society (est. 1998)
CHIPSClearing House Inter-bank Payment System
CHIPSChallenging High Intellectual Potential Students (Colorado Gifted and Talented Program)
CHIPSChemical Hazards Information Profiles (EPA)
CHIPSCall History Information Processing System (Sprint)
CHIPSClearing House Inter-Payments System
CHIPSChildren's Hospital Image Processing Software (CCHMC)
CHIPSCode Generation for Heterogeneous Information Processing Systems
CHIPSClassified Hydrographic Information Processing System
CHIPSCommon Hardware Intelligence Processing Subsystem
CHIPSCaring Heals If People Share (Frankfort, KY)
CHIPSChewing Hard Indigestible Potato Skins :-)
CHIPSCenter for Health Industry Performance Studies (Columbus, Ohio)
CHIPSCorrelation of Hot IPs
CHIPSConsolidated Hardware/Integrated Processor Suite
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If using a desiccator, slice the potato as thinly as possible, place the chips on desiccating trays, and allow the drying to commence.
We actually integrate different functions and features as well as customized solutions for our customers on the chips.
There is a general feeling that the chips must be larger, but how much larger?
At the same time, because experimentation on chips can be automated, testers could carry out the on-chip tests at a rapid clip.
Applied Digital Solutions has tried to deflect privacy concerns by arguing that the implantation of chips is voluntary and the only records linked to a VeriChip will be those authorized by the person with the chip.
Modules, separate boards with features such as connectors and critical circuits that facilitate implementation of the chips, cost more, but they're simpler to use.
Our SoCMosaic custom chip HW/SW co-development strategy builds on our SoCMosaic custom chip fast, time-to-market approach for IP-rich custom SoCs.
With a variety of store-bought dips on hand, which included a watery salsa, a warm cheese dip and a creamy onion dip, tasters dipped away, choosing their favorite chips.
But unlike the chips introduced by the processor powerhouse last year, this year's CPU, the Pentium 4, includes a brand new micro-architecture, called NetBurst, an important new chipset, and a brand new system bus design.
And because the chips are needed for everything from rayon and plastics to particleboard and paper, chip markets continue growing.
With 2,500 members, CHIP has some very small owners and some very large owners, but its membership by and large, as well as its focus, is on the problems of the moderate-sized, professional housing operators.
Users can confidently run the same applications on the newer chips that they could on a Pentium.