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CHIRPSComputer Hardware Inventory and Repair Processing System
CHIRPSConfidential Human Factors Reporting System (UK)
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The time and resources that ITC Infotech will be investing to integrate Chirp into their suite of services, and those of their clients , means we now have the scale to deliver Chirps unique capabilities to the leading businesses across multiple sectors and ultimately those businesses global consumers.
At 12,500 feet in a non-pressurized Cessna Centurion, it flashed every second and sounded three chirps, activating a 30-minute timer and subsequent sustained alert because I didn't descend.
First when the male cricket chirps for mating, the female crickets are attracted and other male crickets move away.
A aplicacao de chirps de banda limitada ou estimulos com faixas especificas de frequencia, tambem se mostra promissora em procedimentos com a finalidade de Triagem Auditiva Neonatal (TAN) (13).
While the USGS is using CHIRPS to monitor specific drought-prone areas, researchers are also utilizing it to learn more about rainfall patterns worldwide.
The chirp rate and its change rate are two important physical quantities of the cubic phase signal (CPS), and their estimations have a wide range of applications in radar, sonar, communication and acoustic [1-10].
According to Animal Systems developer, Dan Jones, the smartphone-generated chirps sound "birdish" rather than birdlike.
The classical description of chirps presumes a sine-wave signal, instantaneous frequency f(t) of which changes linearly in time.
Somewhat complicated are the chirps with bidirectional change of instantaneous frequency (double chirps, up-down or down-up).
When you consider the 50-GHz sampling rates of higher-end oscilloscopes and the Nyquist sampling required for analyzing chirps of 1 GHz (~2.
1 kHz by using FTT frequency analysis to determine the peak frequencies of a series of individual chirps and accepting the mode of the values obtained.