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CHISELComputer Human Interaction and Software Engineering Lab (University of Victoria; Canada)
CHISELChannel Initiated Secondary Electron (semiconductors)
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When Gebremariam was later arrested in the college grounds, he still had the chisel on him, said Mr Speed.
The best thing about a workbench is that no one's going to shout at you if you accidentally drill a hole through it or stab it with a chisel (sorry, Mum
I was standing outside the shop where I work when I saw an Indian man run into the street with a chisel in his hand," the witness told prosecutors.
Pressing hard, rub the back of the chisel a few times on 220 grit (Photo 2).
Initially, Chisel worked in band format while living in Wisconsin with his group the Wandering Sons.
22 November 2013 - US gaming startup Hammer & Chisel said it had secured USD8.
The process is fairly straight forward: insert the end of the chisel blade between the gum line and an accumulation of tartar, and then, flicking the chisel down and out, chip the tartar away.
Use a chisel and mallet and tap around the outline of the hinge shapes making sure that the 'bevel' (sloped edge) of the chisel is facing towards the waste wood.
Like his old man, he quickly developed a nickname, Chisel, early in his boyhood.
A steel rod, a hammer and a chisel were found beside the bodies, indicating they could have been used in the crime," Noida senior superintendent of police Ashok Kumar Singh said.
Pinske Edge's Squaring Press is designed to put a square chisel cut in the corner of cabinet doors quickly and easily, according to the company.
Awild-eyed thug stabs a man in the leg with a chisel then kicks him in the head as he lies helpless on a busy road.