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CHL1Close Homologue of L1
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CHL1 and fls485 are 2 of these genes, which map within or close to the uveal melanoma susceptibility locus UVM2 at 3p25.
amp; genotyping only) Hepatitis D (HDV) A+ (6) Herpes simplex virus A+ (HSV 1 and 2) Waikato (1) CCHL (1)] APATH (1) CHL (1,2) Herpes zoster virus (refer varicella zoster) Human coronavirus CHL (3,8) Human herpes virus A+ type 6 (HHV6) CHL1 Human herpes virus A+ type 8 (HHV8) HIV A+ Waikato CCHL (4) CHL (4) (HIV VL only) HIV drug resistance A+ genotying Human papilloma A+ virus (HPV) Waikato (7) Influenza A, B A+ (1) ESR (3) CHL (3) JC virus A+ CHL Legionella spp.
Light regulation of a root-specific nitrate transporter gene, CHL1, in Arabidopsis thaliana (Poster # 243).