CHLAChildrens Hospital Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
CHLAChlorophyll a
CHLACore Historical Literature of Agriculture (Cornell University)
CHLACanadian Health Libraries Association
CHLACommunity Home Lenders Association (Arlington, VA)
CHLACambridge History of Latin America (Cambridge University Press)
CHLACalifornia Hotel and Lodging Association (Sacramento, CA)
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CHLA is also reviewing the Dragen Somatic pipeline for whole exome sequencing of cancer specimens and RNA Seq pipeline for fusion detection.
Leaf Chl content declined, to a greater extent for Chlb than Chla for both harvests.
The spatial distribution of VIIRS annual mean Chla for 2015 (Fig.
There was an increase in ratios of Chla+b, Chla and b content for potato, mung bean and maize leaves under MF conditions (Chen et al.
A diminuicao do conteudo de Chla, b e total verificado no tratamento a pleno sol, indica uma possivel degradacao de clorofilas pelo excesso de irradiancia.
03 ig C ig Chla 1 h-1) than in summer (Lake Balaton: 4.
For us, being a pediatric organization," says Yacoob, referring to CHLA, "many of the very specific meaningful use criteria don't quite apply to us.
Nikolajeva and I are both long-time members of the Children's Literature Association and may well have been present at the same ChLA conferences over the years, and although I've read a number of her books and essays, my first more or less first-hand encounter with her occurred a few years ago when my wife, Sandra Lindow, and I submitted essays to her for the Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature.
Sestonic CHLA concentrations are often used to measure trophic status as an indicator of eutrophication in lakes and reservoirs (Carlson 1977).
3] and Chla concentrations did not differ significantly between zones.
Thanks to the efforts of Encino's Roberto and Sharon Litwak, kids at CHLA -- and at a handful of other California hospitals -- now have more toys and extra time to play with them.