CHMSLCenter High-Mount Stop Light (on back of a motor vehicle)
CHMSLCentre High-Mounted Stop Lamp
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The S2 metric combines the effect of all the Dimension 2 metrics (LVD and CHMSL event detection, and MSGD) into a single score, and so represents the "gold standard" task score locations along the cognitive demand dimension.
RAY: Anyway, most CHMSLs these days are LED fixtures (that's Light Emitting Diode, by the way).
On the exterior of the car, LEDs have been used primarily in CHMSL.
This result is consistent with the CAMP-DWM study that found higher RTs to CHMSL activation in a forward vehicle during Visual-Manual tasks compared to Auditory-Vocal tasks, as shown in [2, Figure 6].
If this explanation is valid, then the effect of the ABWS is independent of the benefits of the CHMSL, because they facilitate totally different processes.
3M has developed examples where a PLE replaced incandescent and multiple LED CHMSL designs, added safety lighting by illuminating liftgate grab handles, provided directed cargo area lighting, illuminated map pockets and cupholders by adding an integrated proximity sensor, and placed low-glare reading lamps in the front seatbacks.
It is noteworthy that the mean total brake response times used here are slightly shorter than those obtained by McKnight and Shinar (1992) in a road study in which unaware pickup truck drivers were trapped behind an experimental vehicle (with various CHMSL configurations) that braked abruptly (though very briefly).
At the rear of the vehicle there is a spoiler--functional--that also is used to house the CHMSL and backlight washer nozzle.
GM will supply the antennae module, CHMSL, license plate surround and SMC roof panels, which will be painted with the rest of the body, sent to CTS for module assembly, and sequenced back into the assembly line.
The rationale for the effectiveness of the CHMSL is that it is perceived sooner than the standard lower side-mounted brake lights.
See OSRAM's products and solutions in the: -- Nissan "AZEAL" -- Ford Syn US Concept Vehicle -- Ford Shelby G1 WHEN: February 11 - 20, 2005 WHERE: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois DISPLAY: OSRAM demonstrations will include: -- OSRAM's surface-mount technology (SMT) Power TOPLED(R) and Golden DRAGON(TM) LEDs in the AZEAL's forward styling lights, frosted tail lights, low-profile airbrake CHMSL and various interior accent illumination -- OSRAM's yellow and white Power TOPLEDs, providing accent illumination on the Ford Syn US concept vehicle -- OSRAM's highly efficient ThinGAN(R) chip technology used in the Ford Shelby G1 projection headlights For more information on OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, please visit: www.
This includes eight airbags (the Accent's six, plus a pair of seat-mounted bags for rear seat passengers); ABS with EBD; a proprietary electronic stability control system designed by Bosch and supplied by Hyundai Mobis; LED rear lights (112 in the pair of taillights, 20 in the CHMSL, and the first use of this technology on a Hyundai vehicle); hydraulic assist struts on the hood and trunk; and fabric-wrapped A-, B-, and C-pillars.