CHMTChain-Headway Machine Tools Co., Ltd. (est. 1991; Taiwan)
CHMTComponents, Hybrids and Manufacturing Technology (journal; IEEE)
CHMTCessation of Hostilities Monitoring Team (UN; Uganda)
CHMTCouncil Health Management Team
CHMTCertified Hazardous Materials Technician
CHMTCaroline Haslett Memorial Trust (UK)
CHMTCentral Hills Machinery Traders (Littlehampton, South Australia, Australia)
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This initiative was taken by CHMT and approved by the Full Council in 2012.
The analysis of interview with CHMT members revealed that CHF had been made a permanent agenda and so was widely discussed in formal and informal meetings.
Although CHMT mentioned it as a way of recruiting new members and retaining the old ones, it was reported as a dormant exercise.
On the contrary, in Iringa district the vast majority of the CHMT members felt that the support provided by the district health managers to the health facilities was inadequate.
You know, before being a CHMT member I was the in-charge of a health facility and I experienced the same.
We are making all our efforts but we mostly prove failure" (IDI with CHMT member).
They largely waited for reports from CHMT who normally did supportive supervision to the health facilities.
Distribution of Respondents (N = 78) Total Category of Population Iringa Iramba CHMT 8 8 CHSB 4 4 Health providers at Health centre and dispensaries 7 7 Health centre committees 9 9 Dispensary committees 9 9 CHF coordinator 1 1 CDO 1 1 Total 39 39 Abbreviations: CHF, Community Health Fund; CHMT, Council Health Management Team; CHSB, Council Health Service Board; CDO, Community Development Officer.