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CHNNContinuous Hopfield Neural Network
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So far, five proposals have been tabled: (i) multiplying the MFN applied rate of 2001 by two; (ii) marking-up unbound lines by a factor to be negotiated, and binding tariff lines at an average level after the application of the formula (the ABI proposal); (iii) capping of new bound tariffs at a ceiling of 40 percent with target average of 25 percent and no tariff reductions in this round for new tariff bindings (Malaysia); (iv) the "Rational Formula" approach of a non-linear mark-up derived through a mathematical formula using two coefficients (Mexico); and (v) non-linear mark-up adding 5 percentage points (absolute) to each unbound rate (the CHNN proposal by Canada, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, and Norway).
The CHNN proposal for a mark-up of 5 percentage points in absolute terms may not be acceptable to a majority of developing countries as it seems to favour those countries which have low bound tariffs.