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CHOICESConsortium for Health Outcomes, Innovation, and Cost Effectiveness Studies
CHOICESChildren Have Opportunities in Inclusive Community Environments and Schools (community education program)
CHOICESChildren's Healthcare Options Improved through Collaborative Efforts and Services
CHOICESComputerized Heuristic Occupational Information and Career Exploration System (Employment and Immigration Canada)
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When he had finished the will, he wished to proceed to a choice of his "last words.
Charles Kingsley (1819-1875) spent most of his life, by his own self-renouncing choice, as curate and rector of the little Hampshire parish of Eversley, though for some years he also held the professorship of history at Cambridge.
Sometimes her head is shaved, except one lock of hair, which is left her, and even that depends on the will of her husband, who has it likewise in his choice whether he will receive her again or not; if he resolves never to admit her they are both at liberty to marry whom they will.
In fine, to conclude this code of morals, I thought of reviewing the different occupations of men in this life, with the view of making choice of the best.
Happy will it be if our choice should be directed by a judicious estimate of our true interests, unperplexed and unbiased by considerations not connected with the public good.
The choice of servants is of no little importance to a prince, and they are good or not according to the discrimination of the prince.
Otherwise," said he, "I shall have no choice but to marry a certain merchant's daughter in Moscow, in order that I may keep my vow to deprive my nephew of the inheritance.
Collins appears to be very fortunate in his choice of a wife.
Yes, but Free-Will comes in there--I can choose this or that; and God can influence my choice.
He was just such a Man as one might have expected to be the choice of Macdonald.
To her the cares were sometimes almost beyond the happiness; for young and inexperienced, with small means of choice and no confidence in her own taste, the "how she should be dressed" was a point of painful solicitude; and the almost solitary ornament in her possession, a very pretty amber cross which William had brought her from Sicily, was the greatest distress of all, for she had nothing but a bit of ribbon to fasten it to; and though she had worn it in that manner once, would it be allowable at such a time in the midst of all the rich ornaments which she supposed all the other young ladies would appear in?
When your choice is fixed so that no objection can be made to it, then I can promise you a ready and cheerful consent; but it is my duty to oppose a match which deep art only could render possible, and must in the end make wretched.