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CHOICESConsortium for Health Outcomes, Innovation, and Cost Effectiveness Studies
CHOICESChildren Have Opportunities in Inclusive Community Environments and Schools (community education program)
CHOICESChildren's Healthcare Options Improved through Collaborative Efforts and Services
CHOICESComputerized Heuristic Occupational Information and Career Exploration System (Employment and Immigration Canada)
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To these critics, providing too many choices is the latest way liberal societies in general, and markets in particular, make people miserable.
And parental interest is proportional to the type and amount of information provided about the performance of their children's school and the choices available for transfer.
For the most part, the language of economics has informed the public debate over school choice.
This has been a primary focus of the Patient Choice model since its launch nearly a decade ago and is consistent with Fiserv Health's consumer-driven philosophy.
They're the kind of choices where some interests win and some interests lose.
Retirement Program for California School Employees Provides More Choice, More Control and More Flexibility; The Only Program to Mitigate Fiduciary Liability for School District and Community College Plan Sponsors
All 37 Fresh Choice restaurants located throughout California now offer more than 20 "California Grown" menu options as part of a special partnership that begins today.
The Aetna Golden Choice Plan differs from the original Medicare plan by offering greater benefits, including coverage for generic versions of prescription drugs and preventive health care.
On July 31, 2003, customers began enjoying a free one-month preview on Star Choice channel 592.
Express Choice enables plan sponsors to meet their members' needs and preferences more directly based on the choices members make, thereby avoiding the added cost of trying to meet all members' needs in a single plan," said Toan.
We believe these enhancements will provide Star Choice customers with the best entertainment service in the country," said Brad Shaw, Star Choice's Senior Vice President, Operations.
The Medicare PPO product closely mirrors the preferred provider type of coverage popular in the private sector where consumers have access to any doctor or hospital of their choice.