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CHORAConference on the History of Records and Archives
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Officials said that the reopening of important link road will provide residents of Bara and Chora a huge relief as they had to travel on a nearly 40km alternate road during the closure of the route.
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The Chora Museum is an old Byzantine church, situated just inside the city walls at Edirnekapy.
The places is called 'A vida e bela', or in English "Life is beautiful' -- quite the opposite of what AntEnio Chora is going through now.
Chora contains everything you will ever need, from food to souvenirs and from colorful slippers to dynamic stones.
Abdullah Hatif, hailing from the Chora district, said they would not allow anyone to push the country into a crisis.
KARIYE MUSEUM (The Chora Church) Kariye Cami Sokak, Edirnekapi THIS 11th century church looks unassuming from the outside, but step through the door and prepare to be amazed by remarkable mosaics illustrating scenes from the lives of Christ and the Virgin Mary.
Over the recent years, the island has attracted the luxury travellers looking for authenticity and luxury lifestyle and blogger Maria Nikolakaki suggests a few of the must do experiences are: Chora tour With the companion of tour guide stroll around the narrow cobblestone paths, through the recently renovated mansions and the sea captainOs houses and end up in the crown of Chora, the Monastery of St.
The other additions included the Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe in the German city of Kassel, Golestan Palace in Tehran, the Medici family villas in Italy, and the Ancient City of Rauric Chersonese and its Chora in the Ukraine.
Die oorgang is wel nie "absoluut" nie, en die semiotiese chora is steeds (onder andere) in ritme en toonaard, asook teenstelling, betekenisloosheid en stilte herkenbaar.
To begin with a notion of the chora is to begin with a highly ambiguous space.