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CHPCombined Heat and Power
CHPCalifornia Highway Patrol
CHPChemical Hygiene Plan (OSHA)
CHPCommunity Health Plan
CHPCumhuriyet Halk Partisi (Turkish: Republican People's Party)
CHPCatholic Healthcare Partners (USA)
CHPCanada Health Portal
CHPChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia
CHPChristian Heritage Party of Canada
CHPCenter on Human Policy
CHPCertified Health Physicist (American Academy of Health Physics)
CHPConcealed Handgun Permit
CHPCentre Hospitalier Privé (French: Private Hospital Center)
CHPCentral Heating Plant
CHPCenter for Housing Policy
CHPCentre for Health Policy
CHPCentre Hospitalier Psychiatrique (French: Psychiatric Hospital Center)
CHPCommunity Health Profile
CHPClaris Home Page (Macintosh HTML editing program)
CHPCampus Honors Program
CHPCommunity Health Promoter
CHPChildren's Hospital Pittsburgh (Pittsburg, PA)
CHPChannel Path (used in MVS)
CHPCentre Hospitalier des Pyrénées (French: Pyrenees Hospital Center; Midi-Pyrenees, France)
CHPCommunity Health Partnership, Inc (Eau Claire, WI)
CHPCarolina Horse Park
CHPCenter for Hemispheric Policy
CHPCity on a Hill Press (University of California at Santa Cruz newspaper)
CHPContinuous Horse Power
CHPCommunicating Hardware Processes (high-level description language)
CHPCommunity Health Practice
CHPCourse Heading Panel
CHPCertified Health Professional
CHPCholesteryl Group Bearing Pullulan
CHPCabinet Henri Philippe (French business consulting firm)
CHPCentre d'Hémodialyse de Provence (French: Hemodialysis Center of Provence; Aix-en-Provence, France)
CHPCry Havoc Productions (Venice, California)
CHPCanine Hemangiopericytoma
CHPCercle Hippique du Pin (French equestrian club)
CHPCommon Hardware Profile
CHPCo-generation Heating Plant
CHPFerrocarril Chihuahua Al Pacifico, S.A. (Mexican railroad)
CHPComponent Handling Plan
CHPCommunity Hygiene Promoter (various organizations)
CHPConsole Heat Pump
CHPCold Headed Products
CHPComplex Hosting Platform
CHPCentre for Health Promotion (various locations)
CHPCooler Heads Prevail
CHPCultural Heritage Project (various locations)
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In an article he wrote for the Radikal news portal, Euzer Sancar, the president of the MetroPOLL survey company, said CHP leader Kemal Kylycdaroy-lu acted correctly in abandoning the CHP's typical rhetoric of appealing to secular and Kemalist [the ideas of the founder of the Turkish republic Mustafa Kemal AtatE-rk] sentiments and instead focusing on themes such as the economic well-being of citizens or freedoms during public rallies.
The regions that rely the most on CHP are Western and Eastern Europe.
Construction of the new CHP project is anticipated to begin within a year.
3) Rory suggests the CHP should not run in some ridings.
We try to keep all our communications about CHP activities compressed in brief capsules of information, such as one page bulletins or one hour meetings, yet there are times when the education process requires a lengthier process.
In one year the University of Texas CHP system increased efficiency by 87% and was able to pay for $150 million in efficiency improvements through savings in fuel costs.
In the meantime, the CHP underscores its objection to Turkey being labeled by others as a country that supports terrorism; in this framework, it does not hesitate to call the non-governmental forces in both Iraq and Syria "terrorist" organizations.
She said model programs -- like the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, as well as the Air Force and New York Police Department -- are being evaluated for strategies that can be used statewide in the CHP.
Let us hope the CHP has the good sense this time not to put up a candidate against him.
One year ago, no one in Kansas City would have bet a plug nickel that the independent physicians of CHP would have hung in there.
CHP or a bottoming cycle captures the by-product heat for domestic or industrial heating purposes, either very close to the plant, or as hot water for district heating with temperatures ranging from approximately 80 to 130 C.
In a press conference on Tuesday, CHP spokesperson Haluk Koc said the top of the party's list for major cities such as Ankara, ystanbul, Bursa, Adana, yzmir and EskiE-ehir were allocated to women, adding that 103 out of the 550 candidates to run in the June 7 general election are women.