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CHPCombined Heat and Power
CHPCalifornia Highway Patrol
CHPChemical Hygiene Plan (OSHA)
CHPCommunity Health Plan
CHPCumhuriyet Halk Partisi (Turkish: Republican People's Party)
CHPCatholic Healthcare Partners (USA)
CHPCanada Health Portal
CHPChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia
CHPChristian Heritage Party of Canada
CHPCenter on Human Policy
CHPCertified Health Physicist (American Academy of Health Physics)
CHPConcealed Handgun Permit
CHPCentre Hospitalier Privé (French: Private Hospital Center)
CHPCentral Heating Plant
CHPCenter for Housing Policy
CHPCentre for Health Policy
CHPCentre Hospitalier Psychiatrique (French: Psychiatric Hospital Center)
CHPCommunity Health Profile
CHPClaris Home Page (Macintosh HTML editing program)
CHPCampus Honors Program
CHPCommunity Health Promoter
CHPChildren's Hospital Pittsburgh (Pittsburg, PA)
CHPChannel Path (used in MVS)
CHPCentre Hospitalier des Pyrénées (French: Pyrenees Hospital Center; Midi-Pyrenees, France)
CHPCommunity Health Partnership, Inc (Eau Claire, WI)
CHPCarolina Horse Park
CHPCenter for Hemispheric Policy
CHPCity on a Hill Press (University of California at Santa Cruz newspaper)
CHPContinuous Horse Power
CHPCommunicating Hardware Processes (high-level description language)
CHPCommunity Health Practice
CHPCourse Heading Panel
CHPCertified Health Professional
CHPCholesteryl Group Bearing Pullulan
CHPCabinet Henri Philippe (French business consulting firm)
CHPCentre d'Hémodialyse de Provence (French: Hemodialysis Center of Provence; Aix-en-Provence, France)
CHPCry Havoc Productions (Venice, California)
CHPCanine Hemangiopericytoma
CHPCercle Hippique du Pin (French equestrian club)
CHPCommon Hardware Profile
CHPCo-generation Heating Plant
CHPFerrocarril Chihuahua Al Pacifico, S.A. (Mexican railroad)
CHPComponent Handling Plan
CHPCommunity Hygiene Promoter (various organizations)
CHPConsole Heat Pump
CHPCold Headed Products
CHPComplex Hosting Platform
CHPCentre for Health Promotion (various locations)
CHPCooler Heads Prevail
CHPCultural Heritage Project (various locations)
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The CHP technology has been operational for over 100 years, but it
Most CHP systems are found in energy-intensive sectors, including paper and printing, chemicals, metal and oil refining, and food processing, which together account for 80 percent of world installed capacity.
Three years after its founding, OfficePower LLC is making its first significant forays into Manhattan, recently announcing CHP facilities will be installed at 100E 59th Street and 230 Park Avenue.
Some of this extra power will come from major new generating projects, and some from small and independent sources, just like you see here today with this CHP project between Thunder Bay Hydro and Lakehead University.
The CHP has always been careful not to attack individuals in other parties, because some are fellow believers, and we don't ever want to give the enemies of Christ the satisfaction of seeing Christians attack one another.
While CHP is at the beginning stage of implementing the outcomes system, we already see the medical management committee wholeheartedly engaged in developing the analytical process for interpreting the data.
Three weeks after installation of a CHP system, Texas A&M reported a $250,000 initial savings from reduced energy costs.
Further on the topic of Israel, the CHP supports the normalization of relations between Turkey and Israel.
The process, which has marked a new phase for the CHP, began with the sex scandal videotape of Deniz Baykal being disseminated on the internet and his subsequent resignation, followed by the election of Kemal Kilicdaroglu as the CHP party chair.
With the DOE investment, the University of Maine will become a regional CHP Technical Assistance Partnership (CHP TAP), which enables higher education research centers to provide assistance and analysis for any business looking to invest in CHP technology.
Having considerably resolved its internal problems following the 18th Party Convention, the CHP had two remaining tasks to complete for the June 7 elections.