CHPCCenter for High Performance Computing
CHPCCitizens Housing and Planning Council (New York, NY)
CHPCCalifornia Housing Partnership Corporation (est. 1988)
CHPCCommunity Housing Partners Corporation (various locations)
CHPCCollege Hill Presbyterian Church (various locations)
ChPCChartered Professional Coach (Coaches of Canada)
CHPCCarrier-Hopping Prime Codes
CHPCCertified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance (Health Care Compliance Association)
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The first phase of the project will be delivered in late 2015, and will ultimately equip the CHPC with a state of the art supercomputer that breaks the peta-flop barrier, providing the African continent with the first true peta-scale HPC system.
Describes the need for a CHPC model to coordinate the Army public health system.
Craig Heron noted that as a result of a letter to the CHPC from the Canadian Historical Association, they are now represented on the committee.
At the front-end, Sun will be providing the CHPC with the Sun Visualization system which allows for users to assemble and view 3D models of their data.
Thus in May 1992, the University Academic Planning Council gave the CHPC the official nod, with the proviso that the center would report to the Director of the School of Library and Information Studies.
Similar initiator efficiency values for CHPC initiator were obtained in kinetic study of diallyl isophthalate polymerization by Znoj et al.
The goal of this study is to analyze the behavior of the initiator efficiency and the factor of active radical fraction during the DAIM polymerization with CHPC initiator.
0 will help CHPC support our future growth as we go toward petascale, and eventually exascale in the future.
CHPC will relocate its headquarters from the Grand Central area to the new space Downtown.
HP storage and servers deliver high-performance computing power to CHPC
Tenders are invited for Annual contract for work of cleaning & allied activities at CHPC, CSTPS
The announcement was made by Marvin Markus, CHPC President.