CHPPDCommunity Health Planning and Policy Development (American Public Health Association)
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For example, CHPPD Section member Braden Nez, using his preferred medium of black and white, is shooting photos that will tell the story of smoke-free policies on a Navajo reservation in Arizona.
The CHPPD Section launched the photojournal project in spring 2009 with a call for proposals for projects focusing on community health planning and policy development.
CHPPD Chair-elect Amy Carroll-Scott, PhD, MPH, who served as a project reviewer, said the project also brought an unexpected surprise: a bump in Section membership.
The Webinars will initially be open only to CHPPD Section members.
The CHPPD Section's monthly Webinars will be followed up with interactive blogs designed to stimulate continuous discussion of the topic covered.
We're all kindred spirits; we have similar interests," Irani said of CHPPD members.
The reading club is fresh, cutting edge and "in keeping with the planning and policy interests of the Section," said CHPPD Section Chair Tom Piper, DHSS, director of the Certificate of Need Program in Jefferson City, Mo.