CHRACanadian Human Rights Act
CHRACombined Harare Residents' Association (Zimbabwe)
CHRACivilian Human Resources Agency (US Army)
CHRAColorado Human Resource Association
CHRACenter Housing Rotating Assembly (turbocharger term)
CHRAChesapeake Human Resources Association (Maryland)
CHRACanadian Housing Renewal Association
CHRACommunity Housing Resources of Arizona
CHRACanadian Health Record Association
CHRAChihuahuan Raven (bird species Corvus cryptoleucus)
CHRACanberra Hot Rod Association (Australia)
CHRACenter for Human Rights Affairs (Japan)
CHRACherokee High Racing Association (New Jersey)
CHRAClement Hall Residence Association (Tennessee)
CHRACampden Hill Residents Association (UK)
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That the tribunal did not have such a power was suggested by the commission's own interpretation of section 53: "[T]he Commission itself has consistently understood that the CHRA does not confer jurisdiction to award costs and has repeatedly urged Parliament to amend the Act in this respect.
It then describes the Tribunal's reasoning on constitutional issues, including the Taylor decision and amendments to the CHRA after Taylor Finally, it criticizes the Tribunal's ends-based reasoning and argues that this type of reasoning is illegitimate in constitutional decision-making.
Watson said the repeal of Section 67 of the CHRA will definitely impact treaty rights, First Nations governance, and programming, services and funding delivered by Indian and Northern Affairs of Canada (INAC).
Sharon Chisholm, Executive Director of CHRA says, "It's crucial for the government to commit to keeping current funding levels in place.
While Justice Binnie found that the CHRA applied to House employees, on the facts presented he determined that Mr.
The comparative adsorption capacities in mg/g for 10 mg/l of Cd(II) and Cr (VI) solutions at pH = 2 and 6 respectively (at T=20[degrees]C) are CHRA (2.
The special report recommends that there be an 18- to 30-month transition period to allow the commission and First Nations to properly prepare for the application of the CHRA in areas from which it was previously excluded.
While the CHRA applies only to public-sector employers, Ontario's 1987 Pay Equity Act affects both public employers and those private-sector employers who have 10 or more employees.
She is active in CHRA and is a local member of the Society for Human Resources Management.
This finding of unconstitutionality seemed to add fuel to the fire for those who were arguing that mandatory retirement should be scrapped from the CHRA.
Changes should be made to Section 13 of the CHRA if it is not repealed.
We examine this issue by focusing on sexual orientation, the most recent prohibited ground of discrimination to be added to the CHRA.