CHRACCambodian Human Rights Action Committee
CHRACCultural Heritage and Recreation Advisory Committee (est. 2001; Lake Champlain Basin Program; Vermont)
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CHRAC distributed copies of its film to partners and held screenings in 37 communities in the Menchum Division of Cameroon.
PATH would like to thank the filmmakers whose survey input shaped this article: Alan Ting Judson, Ikechukwu Erojikwe, CHRAC, Pathfinder International, Karel Blondeel, Florence Adu, Marva Greer, and Nawaal Deane.
At least once every three months CHRAC hosts a meeting at ADHOC's headquarters for its members and representatives of the ECCC to discuss specific issues related to the Tribunal and to propose recommendations.
Since July 2005 CHRAC has hosted a radio call-in program.
The CHRAC said it was deeply concerned about the forced and violent repatriation of those Montagnards to Vietnam.
The CHRAC condemns the deportation including the extensive use of electric batons which were used against the Montagnards by Cambodian police while loading them onto buses to begin the deportation from a center in Phnom Penh,'' it said.