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CHRISChemical Hazards Response Information System (US DoD)
CHRISCompact High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (orbital research; US NASA)
CHRISCalifornia Historical Resources Information System
CHRISCoastal Habitat Resources Information System (Australia)
CHRISComprehensive Human Resources Integrated System (US General Services Administration)
CHRISComputerized Human Resources Information System
CHRISCommand Human Resources Intelligence System
CHRISComputed History Recording Input System
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You have not considered me, Chris," she went on gently.
Aunt Mildred used to sigh, and look across teasingly at Uncle, and say, 'When I think of Chris, it almost makes me wish I were younger myself.
Chris and Lute looked at each other for a moment, the mare still drawing ahead, so that Chris was compelled slowly to turn his head.
Ban's a sluggard alongside of her," Chris affirmed.
Chris threw himself forward against her neck to keep her from falling backward, and at the same time touched her with the spurs to compel her to drop her fore feet to the ground in order to obey the go-ahead impulse of the spurs.
Chris called out, and the next moment the mare was rising under him in a second buck.
Well, this day she was everything but a child's horse," Chris broke in.
Whatever it was, it was subjective, that much is certain," Chris said.
An evil spirit," Chris laughed; "but what evil have I done that I should be so punished?
Not long after Mary came back from the asylum, I heard a young Dane, who was helping us to thresh, tell Jake and Otto that Chris Lingard's oldest girl had put Ole Benson out of his head, until he had no more sense than his crazy wife.
Wait a moment, Chris," said Jimmy the interpreter; " Guiseppe says he may answer to the music of his infancy.
For months, the pair had survived rumours about the state of their relationship - with a severe strain put on the romance when Chris engaged in a bitter feud with 39-year-old Katie.