CHSNEChinese Historical Society of New England (Boston, MA)
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At the formal public ceremony to dedicate the new memorial in March 2007--one week before Qingming--the campaign's cochairs, Bik Fung Ng and Deborah Dong, offered remarks and reflections on behalf of CHSNE.
With the memorial project completed in spring 2007, the Asian American Studies Program, together with CAPAY, initiated a two-year educational project with CHSNE in order to continue involving youth with Mount Hope, and to more fully address Tinyan's fundamental critique of her own and her peers' education in "never [being] taught about Asian American history.
In fall 2007, CHSNE, AsAmSt, and CAPAY received funding from the national Save Our History (SOH) program of the cable television network The History Channel, which has the purpose of engaging young people in the preservation of their local history.
History of the cemetery site and its significance to the Chinese community including the design, and community and cultural meanings of the immigrant memorial completed by CHSNE in 2007
and the condition of the cemetery and the history uncovered by CHSNE and community exposes the truth to us students.
After completion and beta-testing, one copy of the full Mount Hope Chinese Burial Grounds digital database archive was donated to CHSNE and the original files are retained by the Asian American Studies Program at UMass Boston.
I think this will continue to happen as the older generations begin to age and think to preserve their history and presence in their respective communities, just like the CHSNE organization developed just a couple of decades ago.